I am Steve Taylor MBHI,

Based in Chorlton, Manchester, I provide a restoration and repair service for English, French, German, American and most clocks pre and post 1900. I have many satisfied customers throughout the UK and some in Europe and the USA.

Antique Clock RepairsI am also one of only a handful of Horologists in the UK specialising in repairing American Pocket Watches. I have thousands of parts for antique Waltham and Elgin pocket watches, and many parts for Hamilton, Illinois, South Bend, Hampden and others.

The antique world is enjoying a particularly high level of growth today and is set to boom in the next few years, therefore valuable antiques such as clocks require sympathetic and expert attention if they are to retain or increase their value and be an heirloom or worthy centrepiece of any collection.

Trained by the BHI and a fully qualified Horologist, the work I do is as close as possible to that originally undertaken by the original maker. I take great care to make missing and replacement parts using the same materials, styles and techniques used to create the original.

As a member of the BHI, I am supported by the best resources and most respected Horologists in the world and follow the BHI code of practice before, during and after repair or restoration of your clock or pocket watch and fully guarantee all work carried out. http://www.bhi.co.uk/

Antique Clocks - even when they are running - need cleaning and servicing every 10 years, this will ensure that they don't wear out and that they keep good time - surprisingly, most clocks, which may be several hundred years old, are still capable of keeping quite accurate time if they are properly looked after.

All the clocks I restore or repair include Longcase clock, Bracket clock, Musical clock, French mantle clock, cartel clock, spring clock, Vienna wall clock, Black forest clock, Skeleton clock, English dial clock, Fusee clock, Long case Regulator clock, barographs, Waltham watch, Elgin watch and Pocket watch.

Please contact me I will be very happy to discuss your requirements and give advice before any work is undertaken.

Antique Clock Repairs & Restoration
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0161 282 3924