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  • French Four Glass 8 Day Striking Clock With Ellicott Compensated Pendulum c1880

This is a beautiful French Four Glass clock, unusually it has a temperature compensated pendulum invented by British clockmaker John Ellicott in 1752, a visible jewelled Brocot Half Dead Beat Escapement and a fire gilded case.

Truly outstanding. 2 year warranty £2500



  • Peter Walker c1715

    Peter Walker London longcase clock c1710-15.  

    Peter Walker was apprenticed to Andrew Savory in 1681 and subsequently worked at Wild Street End, London (round the corner from Drury Lane). He is known to have been working in London in 1720s and died in Amsterdam in 1730. The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers has a useful website with information about early London makers

    The dial shows many of the features associated with early 18th  century clocks: The very well defined corner spandrels are Later London Angels supporting a crown type which was popular between 1700–1710. The matted central zone is engraved more moderately than earlier styles. The Chapter ring is engraved with fleur de lyses half hour markers, supplemented by quarter hour markers and minute divisions.

    Like all good early London clocks, there are five pillars between the movement plates: They are of the early finned type. The inside locking plate/count wheel is situated between the great wheel and the drum rather than behind the great wheel.  So this is a transition type between the outside count-wheel of the very early plated longcase movements and the last of the count-wheels.  Rack striking became universal in the early 1700s although the London makers tended to be rather conservative.

    The oak case is of highly ornate deep carving.

    The entire clock movement, dial and case have been professionally restored and has a 2 year warranty.

      £4995 including delivery and set up within 100 miles


  • Watchmakers Regulator with Mercury Pendulum

    H&R Millar Longcase Regulator with Mercury Pendulum

    A fine late Victorian mahogany longcase regulator H. and R. Millar, Edinburgh, late 19th century .

The substantial eight-day movement with bottle-shaped plates united by four massive double-screwed pillars, the train with Harrison's maintaining power, high pinion count, six-spoke wheel crossings throughout and Graham type deadbeat escapement with jewelled pallets regulated by mercury jar seconds pendulum suspended from an iron bracket fitted to the case backboard with fine beat adjustment to the crutch and amplitude scale applied to the backboard beneath the jar.


The 12.5 inch circular silvered brass dial with subsidiary seconds and twenty-four hour Arabic numeral hour dials and signed H. & R. Millar, Edinburgh to centre within circumference with Arabic five minute annotations to outer track and canted silver bezel.

The case with shallow triangular tympanum over circular dial aperture and canted angles to the full-width hood door, the trunk with convex throat moulding and rectangular bevel-glazed caddy moulded door flanked by further canted angles, on flame-figured plinth base with simple skirt, 197cm (77.5ins) high. The firm of H. and R. Millar are probably successors to the partnership of Robert Millar and Son who are recorded in Loomes, Brian Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World, Volume 2 as working in Edinburgh circa 1850.


£11,500 including delivery and set up within 100 miles





  • 8 Day Longcase Clock by John Taylor of Manchester Recorded as working between 1745-1781

John Taylor Manchester

A typical longcase clock of the period the case is made of oak and is crossbanded with oak veneers, a practise that gave the case more strength.

It has an 8 day rack striking 2 x weight movement with anchor escapement.

A beautiful silvered and gilt dial with crowned head spandrels, Fleur de Lyses half hour markers, inside quarter hour markers and blued hands.

Fully restored movement, case and dial.

£3500 including delivery and set up, within 100 miles


8 Day Longcase Clock by unsigned Northern maker between 1820-1850

A longcase clock of the final period of longcases, the case is made of oak and is crossbanded with oak veneers. It has an 8 day rack striking 2 x weight movement with anchor escapement. A beatiful ornate painted dial and polished gilt hands.

Fully restored movement, case and dial.

£2500 including delivery and set up, within 100 miles

Vienna Regulator

Beautiful Vienna Regulator Wall Clock 

    Made by Schlenker Kienzle c1890
    These are very accurate timekeepers due to their dead beat escapement
    Glazed door and sides.
    The 8 day movement striking on a rich gong
    Fully overhauled £750 with 2 year warranty Reduced to £500

Watches For Sale

 SNo 636995
Hamilton Grade 941 in a Beautiful Sterling Silver Case

Adj 5 Positions, 21 Jewel Motor Barrel, Size 18s, In A Superb Solid Silver Hunting Case. DOM 1909. Lever Set, True Railroad Grade With A Flawless Montgomery Dial. This Is A Very Rare Example.
Fully Overhauled £SOLD

  • SNo 997601SNo 452283
    Hamilton Grade 940

    I have 2 of these Beatiful Examples.21J Gold Jewel Set, Adj 5 Positions, Lever Set, Jewelled Motor Barrels
    Absolutely stunning size 18s True Railroad Grade With Original Montgomery Dials
    It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This When It Comes To Precision Timepieces.
    DOM 1908 Fully Serviced £SOLD


Hamilton 975
17J GJS Railroad Grade
Hamilton Grade 975 17 Jewels, In A Near Mint Ornately Engraved Gold Filled Hunter Case. Size 16s DOM 1904. Railroad Grade
Very Seldom Do I See Such A Pristine Case.
Fully Overhauled

  • Hamilton 992

    21J GJS Adj 5 Positions, LS
    True Railroad Grade
    With a Flawless Montgomery Dial and Railroad Spade Hands
    Hamilton Set The Standard With This Grade That Lasted For Decades
    Fully Serviced

Waltham Riverside

21Jewels in Gold Jewel Settings, Adjusted, Lever Set, True Railroad Grade
With a Flawless Montgomery Dial and Railroad Spade Hands
This model has Walthams Patented Jewelled Main Wheel
Fully Serviced £625    


  • Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewel Model

    23Jewel Gold Jewel Settings Adjusted for 6 Positions, LS, Jewelled Motor Barrel
    True Railroad Grade With Original Montgomery Dial
    This Was The Best Watch Of Its Day, And Are Still Highly Sought After. DOM 1910
    Fully Overhauled £695

  • Waltham Model 1883 Grade PS Bartlett

    15 Jewel Lever Set Size 18s. A Nice Early Example DOM 1891. In A Beautiful Ornate Gold Filled Hunter Case Railroad Grade
    Fully Overhauled
  • Multi Coloured Silver Case
    Waltham in a Gorgeous Multi Coloured Silver Hunting Case

    Superb High Grade 17 Jewel PS Bartlett Movement
    Date c1908
    Fully Serviced £SOLD

  • Waltham Model 1908 & 1899 Models Grade 610, 620, 630 

    I have several of these Size 16s Watches In Different Styles of Hunting and Open Face Cases. DOM 1902 to 1930s, Fully Overhauled.

     Many of these watches keep excellent time, some to within a few seconds a day

  • Prices Range Between £275-495

  • Waltham Size 12s
    Waltham Model 1894 Smaller Size 12s

    14kt Gold Filled Hunting Case, approx 46mm wide. 17 Jewel High Grade Movement.
    Fully Serviced £450
  • Waltham Nickel Cased Size 18s Pocket Watch
  • A Nice Chunky Feel Heavy Open Face Pocket Watch. DOM 1883
    15 Jewel Movement Fully Serviced £395
Waltham 15 Jewel Open Face Pocket Watch
In superb condition. It has a Montgomery style dial with outside 5 second numbering in red. Model 1908 Grade 614/620. DOM 1908. £325

Waltham Half Hunter Case 15J Pocket Watch
This is a gorgeous Half Hunting case 15 jewel pocket watch, with its original gilt double spade hands.
It displays and works beautifully. I doubt if its had much use
Model 1908 dating to 1927
Waltham 14ct Gold Hunting Case Pocket Watch
Really stunning Waltham 15 Jewel pocket watch in a beautiful solid 14ct gold Keystone case.
Virtually mint condition case, dial, hands and movement.
Has a Montgomery style dial with outside red 5 second numbering and very fine blued spade hands.
Keeping excellent time after its full overhaul.

Waltham Hunting Case Pocket Watch
Waltham 7 Jewel Pocket watch in superb Pie Crust edged Hunting Case that's in lovely condition. 
It has proved to be exceptionally accurate on test after its full overhaul.
Model 1908 Grade 610, Date Of Manufacture 1913.
Waltham 17 Jewel Grade 625 
Waltham 17 Jewel Pocket watch in Hunting Case that's in highly polished condition. 
Model 1908 Grade 625, Date Of Manufacture 1909.

Waltham 17 Jewel Gold Plated Hunting Case Pocket Watch
Waltham Hunting Case watch with a 17 jewel movement and original gilt spade hands.
Grade 625 Made in 1909
Hamilton Grade 927 Hunting Case Pocket Watch
This is a truly beautiful Hamilton Grade 927 17 jewel pocket watch. It has a high grade 18s lever set movement that has adjustments for temperature, positions and Isochronism (to maintain accuracy whilst winding down).
The screws and regulator are all gilt finished. The case, dial, movement and hands are virtually mint, I doubt its had much use as it is so crisp and closes nice and tightly.
Serial number 481720 dates the watch to 1906
These are watches stripped down for repair, cleaning, lubrication and final adjusting.


There are many more watches ready to view, please contact me to arrange an appointment to view them

I'm currently working on several Clocks and Pocket watches to be made for sale

unfortunately they are often sold before they reach the website

I recommend you view in person any watch or clock that you may be interested in, I would prefer viewings by appointment. All my clocks and watches are fully overhauled, or restored, and carry a written warranty (excluding damage of course). I can send to the UK and most overseas countries by either DHL or Special Delivery, once payment has been made. Please contact me for terms and conditions.